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Our Mission Statement

Prem Dan, in English means, “A Gift of Love”. Its objective is to educate children of domestic help and low income groups, providing them nutrition and other facilities.

Sr. Felicity’s Vision for Prem Dan

“If you are Hindu, be a good Hindu; if you are Muslim, be a good Muslim and if you are Christian, be a good Christian” is a sentence Sr. Felicity often likes to tell members of the Prem Dan family. In this sentence is summarized the tolerant, respectful and encouraging approach Prem Dan has towards members of all faiths and our will to serve the most needy regardless of faith.

Success Stories

Prem Dan has positively influenced the lives of many children, some of them are featured below.

Joanita Fernandes Joanita Fernandes
Murgesh, Ganesh & Saroja Murgesh, Ganesh and Saroja
Pratima Bahadur Pratima Bahadur
Rebecca Rebecca Kasbe
Sandeep Sandeep
Yogesh Yogesh

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News from Prem Dan

International Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s day was celebrated on 8th March in the Garden school. We began our celebration with prayer dance and a meaningful prayer service followed by cultural programme by the children of the Garden School. The parents shared their life experiences and the importance...

Workshop held in Garden School

A workshop was held in Garden School in the morning from  9.30 am to 12.30am .also they visited Reay Road School and had lunch in the Garden School. over all The collaboration of Aquinas students with the Kindergarten children of Garden school, Geeta Nagar,...

Visit to the Kharghar Boarding Girls

They welcomed Aquinas group by singing a welcome song .They began their first workshop with them and made various things as soft toys ,games, craft etc. They had lunch with the girls  and enjoyed cultural program put up by our boarding girls.   [gallery...

Welcome Sr.Mamta

We were happy to welcome Sr.Mamta She is in formation and has come here for a month’s experience working in Prem Dan. May God be with her as she works with us here at...