Prem Dan- Kharghar

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“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”  (Matthew 19 :14)

Come all kind, good people,
With sympathizing hearts,
Come listen to a few kind words
A friend to you imparts.
Be kind to all homeless children
And always be their friend,
You will be happy in this world,
And will be to the end.

Be kind to the motherless,
Little motherless ones,
For God will forever bless
You in this world to come.
No kind and loving mother
To soothe their little brow,
Be kind to them always, friends,
They have no mother now.

Be kind to the fatherless,
Wherever you may find
One little one that is friendless,
I pray you all be kind.
For they has no loving father,
To speak with mild reproof,
Or guide its youthful footsteps
In honesty and truth.

Be kind to the little orphans,
They have no parents dear;
Be kind to the little orphans,
Speak to them words of cheer,
Then they will always love you
For kind and gentle words,
Then God will ever bless you,
For He says so in His word.

 Prem Dan – The Gift of Love

The Community of Five Sisters of Jesus and Mary  serve the hostelites of Prem Dan Kharghar.

The sisters  are engaged in educating  the destitute slum children, regardless of race, creed or colour. The children of assorted ages and social backgrounds are sheltered under the protective roof of Prem Dan. The hostelites attend regular Formal education at Convent of Jesus & Mary High school Kharghar.

Year after year, we pour out our love into these children’s lives and do our best to wrap them in hope and joy.  Besides providing formal education, we  tutor the children with their schoolwork and  see to their physical, emotional, psychologically, material  and spiritual needs.

We Sisters greatly believe in the Maxims of our Mother Foundress St. ‘Claudine Thevenet’- “God provides”. Truly here at Prem Dan God always provides. Our children never lack anything  and loads of good things keep flowing through the generosity of many people. Volunteers have already become a regular part of our Prem Dan Social services ministry. Sponsors, benefactors and well-wishers keep pampering our children and make them feel special.

Pren Dan pours out love into the hearts of our children, that love produces hope which rises in front of these children whom we love and care tenderly.  Like a sweet-smelling perfume, they carry it into their homes and into their schools, touching the lives of all who touch them and the cycle of life at Pren Dan Continues since its foundation day.