Our holistic approach to development for the children in our program, looks to do the following:

  1. Caring for the Body:
    1. Nutrition Program: Children at all our locations (Garden School, Gita Nagar, Reay Road and Claudine’s Home) are provided with hot meals
    2. Fresh Air program: Prem Dan has a holiday home in the picturesque hill-station of Khandala, located about 2 hours drive from Mumbai. Children from various locations are taken for short holidays to this home. It provides them an opportunity to interact with nature and experience wide open spaces.
  2. Caring for the Mind:
    1. Education: Tuition program for children after hours is conducted at the Garden school location. Children enrolled in the various English medium schools, come here after school hours for coaching.
    2. Claudine’s Home: Providing a safe and nurturing safe environment in a Boarding School for girls
  3. Caring for the Soul:
    1. Counselling and mentoring.
    2. Establishing a bond with Sponsors.