The London Mumbai Project

Students from a secondary school in South East London called Prendergast Ladywell Fields College (PLFC) are working hard in class (classwork, homework and revision) to collect merits for Prem Dan. These merits motivate anyone who is interested to sponsor a child at Prem Dan. The merits are the condition for the sponsorship.

Students from PLFC keep in touch with their Mumbai counterparts through letters, videos and hopefully a trip very soon.

We hope the Prem Dan philosophy will have an impact on students in London and help them cherish the idea of education as a form of empowerment not only for the children in Mumbai but for themselves as well.

The work everyone is doing at Prem Dan, Mother Felicity’s life and all she has achieved is a huge inspiration to us all.

Founding Members of the London Mumbai project: Safi Koffi, Rianna Li-Bailey, Leah Hemming, Jade Chang, Forough Torfi, Camilla Yahaya (PLFC students).

Mother Felicity speaking to PLFC students:

Many PLFC year 8 students and 7 Prem Dan children are now working hard in school thanks to the Mumbai project (see PLFC Sponsored Children document for details of the child being sponsored, the name of the sponsor and the name of the class collecting merits to trigger the sponsorship)

Picture of Moinuddin with presents sent to him by year 8G students from PLFC.

For sponsors or potential sponsors interested in motivating London students to help themselves by helping others, please contact Manny Moore at Prendergast Ladywell Fields College:

Meritorious PLFC Students

Module 5

We recognize the following students for their dedication and hard-work during the course of this Module in collecting merits toward funding the education of children at Prem Dan.
Ingrid Olivier Year 9E
Anastasija Aleksandrova Year 9P
Zi Wang Year 9E
Rianne Kirton-Reid Year 7G