Reay Road KG School

Reay Road is an area situated near the main shipping docks of Mumbai and not too far to the North of the famous CST (formerly Victoria Terminus) railway station. It encompasses a big illegal slum which also is known as “Reay Road”. The slum is very multicultural with families from all over India and a strong Muslim presence.

Prem Dan, in Reay Road, employs two full time teachers for 2 separate nursery classes as well as a helper. The school in Reay Road epitomizes Prem Dan’s religious tolerance with many of the children attending being Muslim (“If you are Hindu, be a good Hindu, if you are Muslim, be a good Muslim” Sr. Felicity often says).

As in Gita Nagar, the school has been contributing greatly to raising awareness about the importance of education among slum dwellers.

Reay Road Nursery (external view)

Reay Road Nursery (external view)
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