Sisters of RJM – Colaba 2017

The Sisters of the congregation of The Religious of Jesus & Mary are actively involved with Prem Dan.

From Left to Right : Sr. Sylvia MascarenhasSr. Felicity ,Sr. Asha Gaikwad



Sr. Felicity is responsible for setting up and the functioning of the Prem Dan Project. A Religious of Jesus and Mary she trained in Theology in Rome and was responsible for the Formation of our Sisters at our Provincial House in Pune. Sr. Felicity taught in our Jesus and Mary schools in Mumbai and Pune. Her aim was to see that all children whatever their social status is , has a right to education. Hence the beginning of PREM Dan. She is actively involved in all the Prem Dan Projects and keeps in constant contact with Claudine’s Home and the camps held at Prem Dan Khandala.

Sr. Sylvia Mascarenhas RJM by Profession is an Accountant and a qualified Primary Teacher having worked in Goa and Byculla Mumbai. Sister is very happy to be a part of the Premdan family and have the opportunity to look after the underprivileged.

Prem Dan is a unique place to work in if one loves the poor. It offers many opportunities for meeting, knowing, interacting and reaching out to families of different social milieu. Its challenges are many and its privileges are varied. Sponsors, Donors, Well-wishers Contribute in supportive ways, which benefit individuals and the maintenance of the School, for which we are always happy and grateful to the good Lord who said “The poor you will always have with you”.

Sr. Asha Gaikwad RJM undertakes the survey of poor families Sister is also Class Teacher of KG.A. Has one years experience and enjoys serving the poor and being with the little children.