Most of our ex-students have gone on to be good citizens and established families, gained employment and continue to keep in touch with us. Some of them have shared their experience of being nurtured by Premdan.

Alaguneela Alaguneela: The Home that nurtured me – Prem Dan, which means “Gift of Love” has helped me blossom into the beautiful person I am today. It is continuing to nuture the lives of many children like me…
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Evon Valerie Evon Valerie: I lost my mother as a baby. When I was 6 years old I came to Prem Dan with my cousin, Sagaya Mary who was a teacher at Prem Dan. That was the first time I met Mother Felicity. I have now completed my college education having obtained a B.Com. degree…
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Koonjumol Subramani Koonjumol Subramani I was only 7 years old when my mummy died of kidney failure. At such a time of distress, Mother Felicity spoke to my father to keep me in Prem Dan. Although as a child, I used to fall ill quite regularly, Prem Dan provided me an education as well as good medical treatment…
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Joanita Fernandes Joanita Fernandes
I have a sister and a brother. We were born in Colaba, Mumbai. My mother and father worked to support the three of us, but after my father died, my mother faced numerous problems in being a single parent with 3 children…
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Murgesh, Ganesh & Saroja Murgesh, Ganesh and Saroja
All grew up on the streets of Mumbai in Kala Ghoda. Growing up in such an unstable environment, never quite sure of where to sleep next and where the next meal was to come from, wasn’t the best start to an academic career. However, after 4 years, these children were brought into Prem Dan by Sr. Felicity…
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Pratima Bahadur Pratima Bahadur
We often hear people say that the childhood years were the best years of one’s life.
It has undoubtedly been the same for me since our association with Prem Dan which we lovingly call the Garden School…
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Rebecca Kasbe
From very humble origins growing up in a slum of Mumbai, today I consider myself a successful graduate of Prem Dan. I have through the love and support of this system, been able to complete my Xth standard exams and am now enrolled in Junior College. I look forward to continuing to grow while always remaining grateful to the wonderful nuns who changed my life. To read more about her story, click here.
Sandeep Sandeep
Prem itself is defined as loving, caring and affectionate. Prem Dan helps all needy students to build, enhance and maintain their studies. They promote all necessary components to allow any student to complete their education…
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Yogesh Yogesh
I was just 5 years of age when my mother, a rag picker garbage collector approached Mother Felicity. My parents lived in real poverty. They struggled very hard to bring me up. After studying Class two in the Garden School, I was the lucky one to be chosen for sponsorship. I have completed my Degree in Engineering in Automobile. I am now able to support my own family thanks to the opportunities given to me by Prem Dan.
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