• We are fortunate to be blessed with individuals who dedicate their time and energy in furthering the cause of these deserving children.
  • We invite you to volunteer your services to us as we are in constant need of support.

A Volunteer – Meher Mogrelia shares her experience at Prem Dan

A day in my life as a volunteer at Prem Dan Garden School. Tears flowed copiously and as of colleagues as I retired from a 35 years’ service with a foreign airline. I was left with avoid. How to pass my time. My prayers steered me into the directions of Prem Dan for the underprivileged children who are schooled in K.G. My morning is well spent my waking hours are looking forward to attending school from 10am to 12:30pm with the Prem Dan children. My interactions with these 5 years old is most joyful. I over see the work of 36 students. I attend schools 5 days a week. The students who are unable to write on their own are given help by me. We go to the motions of writing the alphabets and numbers. The wave of happiness that hits me when they start reciting their poetry and I join in as though I am once again a child. The infectious laughter of the kids, the giggles the yearning to learn won over my heart. The innocent questions & prattle of these children, tugging of my sleeves brought about immense joy into my life. The selfless work done by the teachers and sisters has over whelmed me. Every morning I look forward to spend my time with these wonderful children. As an experience I must say that it has brought me happiness and joy.

- Meher Mogrelia