Daily Nutrition

From the very start, Sister Felicity realized that education would not be effective without nutrition. Hungry children wouldn’t be able to concentrate and learn. Nutrition is therefore an intrinsic part of the Prem Dan project and has 3 main goals:

  1. Provision for children: in all 3 KG schools (Garden School, Gita Nagar and Reay Road), children are provided daily with breakfast and a healthy lunch consisting mainly of daal (lentil based dish) and rice. The sponsored children attending the English medium schools are also provided with lunches on a daily basis.
  2. Provision for families of Prem Dan children: 45 families are given rations of rice, sugar, lentils, oil, tea and bread on a monthly basis. 20 other families are provided with a cooked daily meal.
  3. Provision for poor slum dwelling families not connected to Prem Dan: Food is distributed in surrounding slums to extremely poor families every day.

Garden School

In addition to breakfast and lunch, an evening meal is collected from the untouched food of the Banquet table of Taj President. This arrangement allows Prem Dan to feed the children and parents of the Garden School besides a few of the helpers.

Reay Road Nursery

The same meal is provided to the children at the Kindergarten at Reay Road in their classrooms. This food, prepared at the Garden School location, is taken to Reay Road by our Staff members.

Gita Nagar Slum Food Distribution

Food is also distributed to the children at the Gita Nagar slum.

The children who attend Recognised Schools receive this meal too, while some of them have their lunch when they come back to the Garden School at 3:00 p.m. In the evenings, families are given food to take to their homes to eat.


To view other videos of our nutrition program, Click here.