Boarding School

Claudine’s Home
Sr. Felicity was aware of the fact that as girls were attaining puberty, they could be subjected to abuse in the slums. To alleviate potential problems, in 1994, a plot of land in Kharghar (on the outskirts of Mumbai) was purchased by the Prem Dan Trust to establish a Boarding School. The building took a few years to stand tall and was inaugurated in 1998 as Claudine’s Home. This boarding school is a home for girls who are orphaned or abandoned, or have alcoholic or drug addicted parents. This home is also a shelter for those who have been molested or abused.

The number of boarders who reside here are between thirty to fifty. They attend the English medium – Jesus and Mary School, and some have completed their High School and are attending University classes.

Professional Training
Those students who complete their High School Examination go on to do two years of their Pre-Degree Course. Some of them are not capable of attending University after this. They are sent to do Vocational Training Courses.

Vocational Training for Women
In its initial days sewing classes were conducted at two centres for women and school drop outs, enabling them to tailor garments besides earn a livelihood. A certificate is awarded on completion of the course.