We are very grateful to many individuals, organizations and companies that took the time and spent their energies in ensuring the children of Prem Dan had a memorable Christmas Season.

The entire season’s festivities are included below.

18th December: D’Sa Family celebration

A Christmas party was arranged by Dr. Vincent D’Sa’s family and friends on the 18th December 2013.

The party was given to all the children of the 3 schools of Premdan – Garden School, Reay Road and Geeta Nagar. Each School put up an item symbolizing the meaning of Christmas. A skit, song and dance were performed by these children.

Refreshments and gifts were given to each child for Christmas.

17th December Evening: Christmas Party for Prem Dan Tuition Children

In the evening at 4.00pm. the tuition children of Prem dan had an enjoyable Christmas party with tele games and refreshments. The sisters and teachers had organized this event.

17th December Morning: Lions Club of Mumbai host a “Rocking Party”

Lions club of Mumbai Host organized a party for the Garden School children. They had arranged DJ to get the children into the mood for Christmas party. Different games were played – tug of war, relay etc. They had a Magic show which was very interesting. They enjoyed themselves dancing & singing. Snacks were given followed by the distribution  of Christmas gifts.

16th December: TAKKT A.G. sponsored children are treated to a Christmas party

The TAKKT A.G. sponsored children were given a small party with snacks, games & gifts for Christmas.

14th December: Fort Convent Students learn the meaning of sharing @ Christmas

This year’s Christmas party was given by the students of Std II of the Fort Convent. Each student shared her snacks with a child from Garden School. They played games and  sang songs. The Garden School children sang Christmas carols & also danced to the tune of Jingle Bells. The programme concluded with the Song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”. This was followed by the distribution of the gifts.

12th December: Ms. Tasneem kicks off the Christmas Season

Ms. Tasneem the Director of Sara International School at Colaba with the teachers & a helper had a small Party for the Garden School children. The programme  started with action songs, dance, a puppet show, Christmas carols , snacks & gifts. Santa claus was lively & the children enjoyed with Santa singing & dancing. The children responded well. Ms. Tasneem’s team was impressed with the children & thanked the management & the teachers for their wonderful work.