A camp was organized by Prem Dan from the 11th to the 16th of November. One of the sponsored child attended the camp has expressed her experience in her own words.

With the hustle & bustle of the streets of Mumbai it was a nice break for me. I was fortunate as I was the only girl and all the others were boys at the camp. We traveled by bus, Sr. Louisa and Aunty Chaya accompanied us.. While travelling I saw mountains, plateaus, trees and monkeys. We reached Khandala at 10:30 am. Oh! What a pleasant surprise. Everything was kept ready for us. The fresh air and the coolness of the place welcomed us. Breakfast was ready. We had a break for 20 minutes.

We started with a prayer and the children were divided into two groups. The sessions started led by Sr. Louisa and Ms. Aruna. The first session for the day was breaking out, revealing the “Real Me”, which followed by a balloon game which was exciting. We had a time table to follow; Rising with exercise, walks, breakfast, lunch, sessions, power-point, prayers, dinner, a movie and then a good night sleep. I enjoyed the sessions, the lovely tasty food and the walks. The sessions taught us to live happy and a fruitful life, we should always share our problems with others and learn to forgive. The sessions were most enriching and knowledgeable.

I thank Prem Dan for giving me a chance to attend this camp.
Thank you.

Janice Naronha
Class V