On the 21st November 2013 one of the slum areas in Colaba Murthy Nagar was attacked by a fire which destroyed more than 800 huts. Some of the children who are attending our Nursery or are sponsored by Prem Dan had nothing left. Luckily it was a school day so many children were saved though we do not know how many perished in the fire.

It is rumoured that a cooking gas cylinder explosion was the cause for the fire. Since some of these shanty houses are built on the sea front, there was no means for retrieval of possessions and most of the dwellers lost all their meager belongings.

We visited the affected area the next day. It was heart rending to hear about the tragedy from the families involved. Six families who are helped by the Prem Dan Trust were affected. We have given them clothes and some utensils, a stove, bucket a mug, money and food. The place has many high rise buildings around and so the people have been a great help supplying them families with food and water.