A session on Breast Cancer was arranged by Ms. Jyostna Sawant a Co-ordintor from Bhatia Hospital with Prem dan and YMCA. Mothers of the KG children presently studying in Garden School and YMCA Balwadi attended this session.

The Session opened with a Bhajan by Sr. Louisa welcoming and introducing the guests.

Dr. Kinjal Shah – Obstetrician and Gynecologist from Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, spoke on Breast Cancer. The points were:- The reasons of Breast Cancer, self examination, Yearly check-up and spreading awareness.

The mothers were free to ask any queries pertaining to this topic which was answered immediately by the doctor. A place for health check-up  with a reasonable charges was suggested by doctor.

At the end of the session evaluation forms were filled by the mothers.

A vote of thanks and flowers was presented to Dr. Kinjal Shah and Ms. Jyostna.

Those present at the meeting were the Sisters from Fort Convent.