Sr. Sylvia Masacarenhas RJM had organized a Sponsored Children’s day at Garden School for 60 Students from 9 different Schools.  The Activities, Sports Carnival was planned by the Association of Family of Jesus and Mary Clare Road Group along with Sr. Sylvia RJM.

The Day began with a Prayer where the children remembered each SPONSOR PRAYERD for their good health and well being. They too prepared a chart ‘THANK YOU’ written on it for all the sponsors for their generosity and making their life a beautiful one. The children were put into groups as per their age. Sisters from Clare Road Convent, 6 AFJMs and Garden School Staff were present too to help out.

The Sports Carnival was too good we were amused to see the team work and the competitive spirit among the Children. Each Child received a Prize which was given by Prem Dan as well as a sumptuous lunch was served for all. All had an enjoyable day.