A big Day for the Prem Dan children. On the 22nd Sr. Felicity celebrated her Diamond Jubilee as a Sister in the Congregation of Jesus and Mary. Unfortunately due to illness she was unable to attend the function. Her youngest brother Andy had come from Canada and so he became the Chief Guest for the Programme.  Prem Dan celebrated the day on the 21st August 2015
1.All the classes and the Tuition Children sang a greeting song
2. The Jubilee cake was cut by Andy
3. K.G. C put up a prayer dance
4. Geeta Nagar sang songs and recited Poems
5. the Reay Rd. Classes put up a short skit on Sr. Felicity
6 K.G. B did Red Riding Hood
7. The Tuition students  staged “If I were a Butterfly”
8. K.G.A performed a dance 
9 Andy spoke to all present and distributed a gift to each child on behave of St. Felicity
10 The entire was thanked for helping every child in all the nurseries to be on the stage
11. Mrs. Celin Prabhu gave the Speech