7th Dec 2014, time- 3.00 pm to 6.30 pm was a special time for the girls of Premdan. We had little guest – same of that the age group of our girls coming from St. Pius Xth Parish, Mulund. These were the Sunday Catechism children eager to come and celebrate Christmas joy with us. They were around 80 kids accompanied with 8 teachers. Mrs. Ruvina Macedo was the person from this same parish who took the initiative of this event. As they arrived this afternoon we had a small prayer in our hall and the girls welcomed these children with a welcome song.
Then they were put in groups for the following activities – Bombing the city, Balloon blow and break, Queen of Kharghar contest, Straw – confettis and newspaper games. Our girls enjoyed being with these kids while they sang- carols, played games, interacted, made friends, had snacks, shared gifts etc. It was indeed a memorable day for us as well us for our girls for we received a lot of support from the Parishners through the kind favour of this group. It was the combined efforts of Fr.Tarsi and Mrs. Ruvina to bring about this grand Christmas celebration for our girls.