We all love to go for picnics during our holidays, especially in the rainy season. A picnic brings about excitement, exhilaration and breaks the monotony in our lives. We the hostilites of Prem Dan also had gone for a picnic with our sisters and it was a surprise outing planned for us by our sisters on 18th September 2015. There was sheer excitement on 18th morning!

The hostilites  could not sleep the previous night thinking about the fun we would be having the next day. We got our picnic attire ready so that we would not have to waste any time the next day.we woke early in the morning and got ready fast. Our sisters got busy preparing some delicious breakfast and tasty snacks for the journey.  This whole episode was so thrilling. Soon, we all of us  was seen scurrying into the bus and ‘hurray’, but the unexpected morning rains added more fun and some of us were fully drenched.
As we approached  our destination as it was a familiar place for many of the girls who had  visited this  beautiful haven before. Khandala is  a beautiful place where we can really enjoy nature in its natural state especially during the monsoon season. Within an hour we were at Khandala and soon our sisters served us snacks as we were so hungry. Srs. Flavia & Swedal conducted lovely interesting games and kept us busy and occupied. Laughing, chatting and singing set the perfect picnicking mood.
The beauty of the  Khandala and the wild flowers refreshed our minds and souls. The weather was pleasnat and the clouds covered us  in their cotton blankets. All the trees and plants that had been just washed appeared very beautiful and pleasant. The natural beauty of the flowers appeared more charming still. A soft pleasant smell of the wild flowers pervaded every place.
We spent a full day at Khandala and thoroughly enjoyed our nature trails with Srs. Flavia & Swedal. We took many pictures of our selves in various styles.
Finally all the fun came to an end and we were sad as this beautiful day had come to an end. But, while returning home we could not stop talking about the fun we had.  It was a wonderful picnic that we all thoroughly enjoyed and the memories of which will always be cherished from the bottom of my heart.
Miss Katlyn D’Cruz

Enjoy seeing our picnic snapshots…..

Thank you Sisters for arranging this outing for us!!!!