The Aquinas group from Manchester, England came to India on 21st Feb., 2014.

Sr. Zelia welcomed them & introduced them to Prem Dan.

On 22nd Feb., 2014 they went to visit the boarding at Kharghar. They did Art & Craft with the children followed by lunch.

On 24th Feb., 2014  Garden School children welcomed them with the Aarati & presented them with a small token of love which consisted of Key-chains & Ear-rings.

On 25th Feb., 2014 They visited Reay Road School. The children who were dressed in Maharashtrian outfits greeted them with flowers.

On 26th Feb., 2014 Lunch was organized for them in  Garden School.

On 28th Feb., 2014 The three Schools of Prem Dan came together & had tele-games for the group.

The Aquanis group & Prem Dan children benefited from this interaction.

Playlist of Videos from Aquinas Program Visit 2014