Microsoft Exchange Support Team – Wipro ltd Belapur visited Premdan, Kharghar on 13th Of December at 12.30 pm. Mr.Prashant Patel the Manager, Mr.Sujith Nair and Mr. Ajaly Nali the Technical Lead along with their 13 Team members were happy to be at Premdan to celebrate the Birthday joy of one of their collegue – Mr.Virendra Mahajan.
Celebration of special days like Birthdays is one such event that always remains in the memory with joyous experiences and this is what the group wanted as they proposed this idea of coming to Premdan. This is what Mr.Sujith Nair had to say to us after the wonderful lunch that they sponsored us – ” We at Wipro, the entire team usually celebrate team members birthday at the office premises ordering foods or go around Mumbai to expensive hotels, spend lots of money but this does not bring content, We team members planned to start of celebrating birthday and similar events of joy, share it with whom you do not know, who really would join us in our joyous celebrations.”
On behalf of Prem Dan, we thank you for sharing your special day with us and for bringing joy to the children at our home.