We were pleased to have volunteers from England join us at Prem Dan during the month of March albeit for a few days. The three of them have shared their experiences below.


I came to the Garden School on the 18th March, 2014 and even though I stayed just four days, the school really had impact on me. The children were just lovely so intelligent and energetic. The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly. I was able to learn from them and enjoy helping the children with their Maths and English. This was not my first visit. I had come earlier and I wished to come back again. The work Prem Dan does is so valuable and I feel lucky to have been part of it in some way. I hope I can visit again in the future!

Ben Wallet

My time at the Garden School was very limited(only  4 days).

However I will never forget the experience. The staff are  incredibly accommodating and hospitable as well as being hard working and committed.

The children are a good bunch with large amounts of energy and enthusiasm which is always appreciated in the classroom. I have enjoyed helping them with their numeracy and literacy skills. I have learnt patience, perseverance and some nursery rhymes which I thought I had long forgotten .

I consider myself extremely fortunate that I had the opportunity to help out and witness the good work the school does.

Hannah Balachy

This being my first visit to Garden school, a first experience of anything like this I did not know what to expect and was quite nervous. But immediately the staff put me at ease by making me feel very welcome. The children were an absolute delight and even though the visit was short, I will definitely miss them! On one of the days we visited Reay Road. The children whose background was the same as Garden School loved the school. They are all so enthusiastic and happy. The teachers were all great with them too! I have learnt so much here and think the project is amazing! I very much hope I can return !