A meeting was organised by Premdan for the mothers of Kindergarten on the 14th of August, 2013. The meeting started at 3.30 pm was opened by a bhajan (religious hymn) sung by Sr. Louisa and introduction of Dr. Swati Jain a noted Pediatrician from JJ hospital who willingly volunteered to educate these women.

The topics she stressed on and explained in detail were nine months of pregnancy, breast feeding, polio, hygiene, skin infection, menstruation and various test to be conducted for the safety of women. She also advised and gave necessary guidelines on how women should deal with simple infection and regular visits to the doctor in case of need. The women were encouraged and prompted to ask questions on various issues. She also spoke on the subjects of thyroid, BP, and answered the questions asked by these women.

The meeting closed with a prayer and National Anthem. Those present were Sister Arina, Sr. Zelia, Ms. Naseem and Ms. Aruna. We hope that this exposure for the women benefitted them immensely and enlightned them to various social factors.